Monday, June 3, 2013

Kickstarter Was a Success!

Thanks to all of you who donated, we reached our Kickstarter goal of $15,000. But we still need to raise more. You can still donate here PayPal
Big thanks to everyone who helped out. We're that much closer to groundbreaking.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

KHVT's Memorial Skate Garden Kickstarter is Live!

KHVT's Memorial Skate Garden in St. Louis, Missouri Kickstarter

The Kickstarter for the Peter Matthews Memorial Skate Garden is open for pledges today! We need to raise $15,000 by June 1st to meet our goal. Help us make this happen. ShowMePools just pledged. Donate to a good cause and get some awesome swag!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

KHVT Kickstarter Campaign

April 17 KHVT kicks off our Kickstarter Campaign to raise more money so we can build St. Louis's first free skate park at Morganford and Osceola. To celebrate, we are having a launch party at Atomic Cowboy. The prizes for donations are going to be awesome. Stay tuned for a link to the Kickstarter.
Give us your money so we can build you a skate park!

On another note, it has been confirmed that the Kingshighway bridge will be demolished in the spring of 2014. Please help provide a new facility to fill the gap that will be missing in the St. Louis skateboarding scene. We've already shown the city what we can provide if we put all of our minds together. We've also always known that the bridge's demise was in the near future. So let's prepare for round 2.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mini Ramp and Vodka on the Roof of the Moonrise Hotel

Saturday, Jan 19, No Coast will be hosting a skate demo at the Eclipse Rooftop Terrace at the Moonrise Hotel as part of the Loop Ice Carnival. The event starts at 11 am with vodka tasting until 1 and ends at 5. The ramp will be open to the public between demos. KHVT will also be set up there collecting donations for the Morganford Skatepark. So come show your support so that ShowMePools can build you a park. Yep, that's what this is all about. Always support locals.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

ShowMePools Proudly Endorses Roseburrough Tool Company

Roseburrough Tool Company shares the same DIY spirit that we here at ShowMePools have. They specialize in custom concrete tools, along with having a line of standard concrete tools. Their motto is "if we don't have it, we can make it." And, of course, they are made in the USA. Roseburrough is currently in the stages of developing skatepark specific tools in their new line of Pro Skate Park Tools, on which ShowMePools will be working with them. Stay tuned for a sneak peek at what Roseburrough and ShowMePools has in store. Until then, go build and skate something.
Roseburrough Tool Company

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

spring has sprung

showmepools will be working in the heartland all summer, including pouring the decks on the egg you see here. keith reese, brand new daddy, popped in and popped out with this head high lien air. if you have any projects that you are thinking of seeing in concrete, contact us at for consultation. no job too large or too small.

video by wendy @ jolly roger skateboards

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hermann's Hole Mudfest 2011

last weekend, may 13-15, we celebrated the third birthday of hermann's hole, presented by khvt. the usual suspects rolled out on thursday to get everything ready to go and get a little skating in before the blowout. knoxville showed up late that night, so gold star for being the first out-of-towners (tennessee fool!), and shortly after, the rain came.
friday morning we woke up to a mud pit. everywhere. but that didn't stop us. armed with towels, a leaf blower, and a blow torch, we kept the concrete as dry as humanly possible between showers. while waiting on the crete to dry, there was mud boarding, skate barn sessions, and general debautury.
taking care of business

gnar in the skatebarn

some mini-contests went down friday night. little manny won with some sick lien to tails as requested by yours truly.
saturday was still plagued with scattered showers (damn you nature!), but we were able to squeeze in some epic shredding regardless.

local ripper scotty laird killed the mini-bowl contest. andy skinner was passing through en route from wyoming to the east coast and stole second. and true to the st louis modus operandi, jeff rasp claimed third.
in the mini-bowl jr division, little manny took first and cj fuller grabbed second.
zach friendly from kc won the big bowl contest and jeff rasp took second.

zach friendly barefoot fsa

jeff rasp throwin down some good shit for guano wheels

scotty laird holdin down the hole

dalton bringin some gnar to the showme

and brandon herbert from took home the best slam award for breaking off half his tooth

saturday night festivities included live music from gnarkansas coburn's well, well, well..., hermann local cam's rhum boogie, columbia's the cold cuts, and st louis's mutant opera, and a fireworks show provided by the dying pyros.

well, well, well...

sunday morning, we were greeted with more rain, but we had some setup to do for monday's pour. so the bio-dome was erected.

monday morning, party's over, the sun finally makes an appearance! and after slinging some bar and more ripping...

we finally got some mud on the ground (as in concrete, not the sludge we were trudging through all weekend).

with all hands on deck from the usual hermann's hole crew: jp, lynch and michelle, soup, menu zac, and rob; billy and andy from wyoming; brandon, dalton, nick, coburn, and jesse from gnarkansas; and nate from i can't smell my dinner, the breakfast bump sprung forth like a free-formed constantly blending concrete leviathan.

after the pour, gnarkansas followed us back to showmepools hq to skate the pool that cannot be named. and even though we were all beat and haggard from 5 days at hermann and a day of scrubbing, and nick later found out he had a broken rib, and everyone had a nice layer of mud on their griptape, good times were had by all.
a huge thanks goes out to everyone who came and supported st louis skateboarding, all the shredders who kept the session alive, everyone who put in work and all the bands. you all made hermann's hole skatefest III an epic weekend!

all photos courtesy of Nicholas Gibson photography

for more photos and video check out

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

dusting off the cobwebs in the heartland

it's that time of year again. we'll be celebrating hermann's hole's third birthday next weekend. the torcano got poured a couple weeks ago and an epic time will be had by all. this year, everyone needs to have a waiver filled out. if you're under 18 and you don't have a parent or guardian with you, you need to get it notarized. for directions and more info, go to

on another note, kingshighway and our neighbors to the south, trife street, are featured in the latest issue of sauce.

and as a closer, there's another kingshighway grom clinic this sunday. bring your chicks, bring your kids.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

KingsHighway skate clinic

in an effort to bring our skateboarding community together and educate the kids about proper skatepark etiquette, KHVT will be hosting a skate clinic the first sunday of every month. kids, girls, beginners, kids at heart who need to be reacquainted with their skateboards; all are welcome.
the first clinic is this sunday, april 3rd, at 1:00 under the bridge.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Showme goodies

welcome to the new year.
new product is now in stock. If you frequent KHVT you know the deal. email to inquire about shipping.
excellent for cleaning pools, keeping warm, poolside rat-tails...etc, but rest assured all proceeds go toward putting the deck around the ninja pit.

selections include:
T-shirts - large and XL in black, white, and blue - $15
long-sleeved tees - large and XL in black and blue - $20
hooded sweatshirts - large and XL in black - $30

Showme products are available at future skates in st. ann on 70 and st charles rock road next to the penalty box. it's great to see the rebith of future. Go say hello to don and share some stories from the days of old. anyone with pics of the old earth surf {rip?} are encouraged to dig em' up.
also throwing their hat in the ring is jolly rogers skateboards in belleville. check them out, they are doing Illside things.{watch out for the kids playing good twin/bad twin}

That being said, go to the bridge, shovel more...

Jolly Roger Skateboards