Thursday, April 11, 2013

KHVT Kickstarter Campaign

April 17 KHVT kicks off our Kickstarter Campaign to raise more money so we can build St. Louis's first free skate park at Morganford and Osceola. To celebrate, we are having a launch party at Atomic Cowboy. The prizes for donations are going to be awesome. Stay tuned for a link to the Kickstarter.
Give us your money so we can build you a skate park!

On another note, it has been confirmed that the Kingshighway bridge will be demolished in the spring of 2014. Please help provide a new facility to fill the gap that will be missing in the St. Louis skateboarding scene. We've already shown the city what we can provide if we put all of our minds together. We've also always known that the bridge's demise was in the near future. So let's prepare for round 2.