Wednesday, November 17, 2010

the Pool that Cannot be Named

after hand digging, hand mixing over 650 bags of concrete, hand stacking aforementioned concrete, 63 feet of tile, and 15 different types of coping; the pool that cannot be named has reached completion. ShowMePools would like to give a huge thanks to everyone who has grabbed a shovel, helped out on pour days, or contributed otherwise. thank you to Dano and Armand, Jeremy Barber for designing our graphic, Justin Shiney for doing our screen printing, Big Jim and Q for donating all our rebar, Mike Massoti for the final excavation when we had to relocate the end of our drain line, Geth and Steph for letting us grab some leftover forms and coping from Nederland, Don Earley for the use of his wet saw, Tracy for a good amount of coping, Joe Kokesh, Jeremy, and Jeremy's son (sorry buddy, i forgot your name); Soup, Deaf Brian, and JP; Harms, Glen, the brothers Jameson, Brian Patton, Pat, Cameron, Brian Baker, Carson, Tatt Matt and Serra, Rob and Eddie, Little Keith, Bryan and Lily, Seeger, Shane, and Greg; and the bridge kids, Zac, Nate, Jameson, Joel, Brian V, Nemo, Adam, Simon, Kyle, Ben, and Chad. thanks guys! we appreciate every bit of your help.
that being said, ShowMePools builds hands down the best skateable concrete in the St. Louis area. if you would like to have your own piece of the American dream, contact us at no job too big nor small.