Tuesday, December 29, 2009

coping choices

in a southern suburb of columbus sits grove city. lotsa brick and pool coping, even the steel coping is of larger stock. ridiculous amounts of hips, double overhead trannies, and a couple bowls to choose from, including the mini pool on the backside of the fifteen ft pocket.

delaware ohio

a few shots from the delaware skatepark. the street course is really unique..wish i had some better shots of it..

billy weiss was on fire

powell ohio

This was a Team Pain project I worked on five years ago. the pool is a pala deep end, and hogans shallow replica. I hadn't returned to this place since its completion. the shallow has 18 inch trannies in spots, a set of wedding cake stairs, tiles and hand poured coping. i feel fortunate to have been able to session this real pool numerous times in the last few months.

Dry Ridge Kentucky

Let me start out by stating that matt dyke was the brains and foreman behind this midwest gem, and for that he is a fucking genius. what was supposed be to another generic skatepark got some extra attention through creativity and determination. there is a snakerun, a bowl, a streetcourse all blending into a basin type layout. the rolled lips, pump nipples and track around the bowl allow for endless non pushing runs. this is by far one of the funnest parks the midwest has to be proud of.

saugerties new york

have tools, will travel...
showmepools loaded up and hightailed it to upstate ny for a few days of shotcrete. this is phase one of a pretty large project.

q, mark, and michelle doing what big boys, and girls do. on a saturday....

beneath the wheel

Since last post, we have been going full throttle. mattoon, illinois was a project that Tom Noble of who skates saved from cetain ARC death. For those living under a rock, American Ramp company (joplin, mo) has displayed very suspect buisness and selling tactics. They are the ones who have been selling every little town all these garbage ramps. We are plagued with these numerous piles of dogshit. i could go on and on about how our local skateboarding scene has been hard pressed to catch up with the standard as far as terrain is concerned... but i won't.
(but it does derive from these demons of skateparkism)

Tom Noble of who skates stepped in and convinced the city to save some money AND recieve a better product. Tom is fighting the good fight, and for that showmepools is proud to be a part of his projects... Mattoon, Illinois street plaza completed in 15 days... no shit