Friday, January 14, 2011

Showme goodies

welcome to the new year.
new product is now in stock. If you frequent KHVT you know the deal. email to inquire about shipping.
excellent for cleaning pools, keeping warm, poolside rat-tails...etc, but rest assured all proceeds go toward putting the deck around the ninja pit.

selections include:
T-shirts - large and XL in black, white, and blue - $15
long-sleeved tees - large and XL in black and blue - $20
hooded sweatshirts - large and XL in black - $30

Showme products are available at future skates in st. ann on 70 and st charles rock road next to the penalty box. it's great to see the rebith of future. Go say hello to don and share some stories from the days of old. anyone with pics of the old earth surf {rip?} are encouraged to dig em' up.
also throwing their hat in the ring is jolly rogers skateboards in belleville. check them out, they are doing Illside things.{watch out for the kids playing good twin/bad twin}

That being said, go to the bridge, shovel more...

Jolly Roger Skateboards